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Product development

Extending the brand experience

Developing a deep understanding of each brand we work with is key to developing successful merch programs that extend the brand experience.

Live events

Selling it while it's hot

Design, manufacture and sales for live events is our jam. From pre-event ticket offers bundled with exclusive merch, to during and post event sales.

Pop-up stores

Anywhere, any time

Pop-up's bring brands to life anywhere, any time, delivering a new consumer brand experience and extended tour revenue through merch sales.


Taking merch online

We know the online world like the back of our hand and exactly how to reach your target audience and capture their attention with your merch.

From concept to execution to distribution

Stage 5 is a truly full service, end-to-end merchandising service with the human and financial resources and experience to deliver the exceptional.

Everything here starts with strategy. We devote time to really getting to know your brand and how your audience connects to it. Only once we know your brand implicitly do we go to the design phase, creating stand out imagery and innovative merchandise.

Of course outstanding merch is nothing without sales and this is something we excel at. As an example, when we merchandised UFC in Australia we not only set a sales record for the arena, but also set the UFC world record.

The reason we achieve such outstanding results? We go the extra mile. From pop-ups to massive marquee superstores, all staffed with a highly motivated and experienced sales team.

We’re also highly experienced in building extraordinary eCommerce stores, both bespoke and self hosted, and built within the major merchandising eCommerce portals. And yes, we manage all warehousing and distribution for you.